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Combating a Business Threat with a Proactive Crisis Management Plan

Combating a Business Threat with a Proactive Crisis Management Plan

How to prepare an effective crisis communications strategy

At some point, every company is faced with a business threat that could turn into a crisis situation. If not well-managed, the impact on sales and market share can be significant. Whether it involves a competitive threat, a recall, safety issue or other scenario, having expert knowledge and a plan – in advance of any crisis – makes all the difference in being able to successfully navigate the situation.

In this session, we’ll take you through the steps needed to create a plan so you are prepared to communicate with your various audiences in a timely and appropriate way.

  • Reviewing business threat scenarios
  • Identifying your team and a “decision tree”
  • Understanding what you need to know and what data to collect
  • Developing key messages
  • Communicating with internal audiences
  • Communicating with external/community audiences, including law enforcement
  • Communicating with the media
  • When NOT to communicate and why


Bob Musinski, a Vice President at CBD Marketing who leads the agency's social media, PR and content marketing initiatives.

Bob Musinski
VP, PR, Social Media and Content Marketing

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  • 1-hour online course

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